Photo courtesy Sydney Rodman
SALSA—Seniors (L-R) Daria Turgeon, Grace Wylie, Annie Farmer, Allie Schenkel and Sydney Rodman were all honored at the recent event.

Lions Club hosts event to honor SALSA student service organization

By Lauren Zimbeck

The Sioux Falls Downtown Lions Club hosted a celebration to honor local youth for volunteerism March 13, including some from WHS.

Sixth-eight area students were celebrated for their volunteer efforts with the Serve and Learn Student Association (SALSA) program, including 19 WHS  students ranging from freshmen to seniors. 

The SALSA program started 13 years ago when the Downtown Lions Club adopted SALSA as its Leo Club. It has since become the largest Leo Club in the world, with over 1,500 participants. 

Students honored at the recent event have all volunteered at least 50 hours in the past 12 months, including 10 WHS students, with many other students having volunteered over 100 hours, including the remaining nine students from WHS. 

Senior Sydney Rodman thought the turnout was great. 

“It was good to see that so many students are taking time to volunteer for our community, and I was proud of how many WHS students were recognized,” Rodman said. 

The Lions nominated senior Daria Turgeon for the International Leo of the Year Award in 2017. The Lions can make one nomination each year for the honor, which is an international award given to approximately 18 youth worldwide by Lions International. The last nine nominations made by the Downtown Lions have all won the award. Along with the nomination, Turgeon was awarded a $500 scholarship from the Lions. 

Turgeon was honored. 

“It means a lot to have been acknowledged for the volunteering I have done throughout high school,” Turgeon said. “This award makes me excited to continue volunteering after high school.” 

Senior Allie Schenkel also won the drawing for the Jen and Wayne Abels $100 scholarship. All seniors who volunteered over 100 hours in 2016 were entered into the drawing  for the scholarship from the SALSA coordinator and her husband. 

“I feel very proud of having volunteered over 100 hours,” Schenkel said. “Even though the scholarship was small, it meant a great deal to me coming from Jen and her husband—any little bit helps when going to college.” 


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