Find out where WHS seniors are planning to go

2017 Senior Survey results at a glance:

Inside this Special Senior Issue, you will find the newspaper staff’s yearly survey of student plans and an explanation of how that survey was conducted. Here, find an overview of the survey of graduating seniors’ plans. 

Not all seniors provided responses that were easily categorized. Those are represented in the “No reply/undecided/other” category.

South Dakota Schools
•Augustana University    19
•Black Hills Beauty College    1
•Dakota State University    9
•Dakota Wesleyan University    2
•Lake Area Technical Institute    3
•Mount Marty College    1
•Northern State University    1
•Presentation College    1
•South Dakota State University    42
•Southeast Technical Institute    27
•Stewart School    5
•University of Sioux Falls    6
•University of South Dakota    33

Out-of-state schools
•All Iowa schools    13
•All Minnesota schools    11
•All Nebraska schools    7
•All North Dakota schools    2
•Schools in other states    13

•U.S. Marine Corps    4
•U.S. Military Academy at West Point    1
•S.D. National Guard    1

Other responses
•No reply/undecided/other    248

Survey totals
•Total seniors surveyed in 2017    450
•Total seniors surveyed in 2016    479
•Change since last year.    -29

Senior Survey reveals post-graduation plans

Survey of 450 potential graduates conducted by newspaper staff

Each spring the Orange & Black staff surveys the graduating class at WHS to find what each senior plans for after graduation. 

This information is collected from a volunteer, non-scientific survey of all class members. The Orange & Black also asked seniors to provide their favorite memory and a piece of advice to underclassmen. Some of these are also included in the survey results. 

On pages 2-7 are the results of the survey. After the name of each student, listed alphabetically, students indicated what school, branch of the military or work opportunity they plan to pursue next year.

All quotes and information were edited for style, space, grammar and taste considerations. Seniors who left items blank or did not complete a survey may not have their names listed or have incomplete information. The responsibility for the accuracy of the information rests solely with the respondents. 

The list of graduating seniors was as accurate as possible as of our survey deadline, May 19. We apologize for any oversights. 

The survey includes all graduates and potential graduates who are eligible to receive a WHS diploma, including some who are currently enrolled at other sites.

Survey compiled by Orange & Black editor Carson Herbert with help from other members of the newspaper staff.

Carter Aasen
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
“Try your best in every class because in the long run it will help in the future with college and your career.” 

Hayat Abdourahman

MeShayla Abler

Sharina Adanna

Dodi Ahmad

Hait Ali

Mleahneh Allison

Marissa Alvarez
·U.S. Marine Corps
“Do not get lazy toward the end of the year, it will hurt your grades more than you think!”

Owen Alvine
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion

Iqbal Aman
·Presentation College, Aberdeen

Taylor Anderson
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“I will always remember homecoming dances and winning state football at the dome….twice.”

Feven Aregay
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“My advice is to be involved in school activities and to choose the activities that really interest you. I would also recommend that students work as hard as they can in classes because their grades are important for college.”

Janaiya Arendt

Samson Argo

Wubinesh Argo

Jessica Argueta

Maya Arnold

Landon Arrowood

Angel Arroyo Davilla

Nyasabit Ayom
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls

Alyssa Badger
·Morningside College, Iowa
“Challenge yourself but still have fun.”

Annie Banks
“I will remember getting to know many different people and being introduced to many different activities through them.”

Bailey Banwart
·Northwestern College, Iowa
“My favorite memories of WHS are of winning football state championships and running out on the field.”

Kathryn Barker
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
“My favorite memories at WHS have been with my friends. Whether we were dressing up in crazy costumes for Beach Bash, or enjoying a fancy meal for a school dance.”

Serenity Barnett

Alexander Barron
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“My favorite memories at WHS are of cheering on the sports teams and watching us win! Also, playing soccer and starting my whole senior year on varsity was very fun. My advice for underclassmen at WHS is to get all of your homework in and get along with your teachers.”

Kaycie Bartel

Princess Baygboe
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“Work for the A, and join clubs even if you are antisocial.”

Koy BearsTail

Nolan Behr
·Northwestern College, Iowa

Sarah Bell
·Augustana College, Sioux Falls
“My favorite memory at WHS would be of being a part of show choir.”

Ezra Betru

Sawyer Bills

Isaiah Bird

Leyghton Bird

Demetri Bishop

Amrit Biswa

Lillian Bizuru

Brooklyn Black
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls 
“I would tell underclassmen that you can have fun, but to always stay on top of your schoolwork. Also, make the most of high school because let me tell you, it flies by way too fast!”

Joseph Blankartz

Keith Bleeker

Billy Blevins

Jake Boetel

Zacchaeus Bolden
·University of Sioux Falls 
“My favorite memory at WHS is of winning two state championships in football and being part of the best student section in the state of South Dakota.”

Jade Bolin
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“Don’t be afraid to join activities. Get out there and do something!”

Daxton Bonnewell
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion

Calli Bordeaux
·Dakota State University, Madison
“My favorite memories from WHS come from being a basketball manager and of all the fun times we had at home games and even traveling.”

Jacob Bott

Mason Bowes
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“If you focus too much on your academics, you miss out on some of the best years of your life. Find your balance with work and play.”

Emma Brands

Mya Breaux-Hansen

Jackson Bren

Kelli Bridgeman

Ericka Britain

Ashley Brower
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“My advice to underclassmen would be to do your homework and turn things in on time. Don’t get behind, because sometimes it can be really hard to catch up. Get involved in as much as you can and always remember to have fun!”

Matthew Brown

Noah Brown
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“Make sure your phone is off and in your locker.”

Trey Bruns

Payton Buche

Ariel Buckley
·Iowa State University
“I will always remember being able to cheer for the best student section in the state.”

Chance Bukuru

Kaitlyn Bulick
·Mount Marty College, Yankton
“Make every day count, because before you know it your days at WHS will be over.”

Connor Bunkers
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls 
“Personally, the best thing you can do is get involved, because when I was a freshman everyone told me to get involved and I never did. Now that I look back, I see how important it was and how it could have changed my high school career for the better.”

Alanah Buus
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“Don’t do things to impress other people or because you think it will make you cool. Focus on yourself and your schoolwork.”

Anthony Campbell
·South Dakota State University, Brookings 
“Don’t be afraid to take a number of AP classes. It will save you a lot in the future.”

Sara Carazo
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“Don’t underestimate the consequences of your actions.”

Landon Carda
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“I will always remember Prom 2017.”

Morgan Carl

Hope Carlson
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“My advice is to take all your main classes first.”

Tristin Carlton

Juan Castillo

Alyssa Catalfino
·Moody Bible Institute, Illinois
“Don’t give attitude to your teachers, but don’t take being treated unfairly. Don’t think the troubles of high school are permanent.”

Skylar Chapin
·American Musical and Dramatic Academy, California
“My favorite memory would be of the WHS Theater. From my first show in ‘Footloose’ to my senior year, I have made some of my best friends in that department. It has helped me discover what I want to do in my life.”

Mya Chastain

Roshni Chhetri

Hunter Christianson

Justin Clevenger

Skylar Close-Smith

Tiffani CoffeyElliot

Samuel Coldman

Eduardo Contreras
·U.S. Marine Corps
“Be a respectful student and make your life easier.”

Victor Contreras
·South Dakota National Guard
“My favorite memory is going on the California band trip.”

Houston Curtin

Carson Cypher

Kory Daniels

Easton Darr
·Dakota State University, Madison

Alustriel Day
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“I recommend that the underclassmen should join some clubs.”

Michael Day

Braeden Decker

Nicole DeJong

Spencer DeLange

Rochelle Dempsey

Christian Derby

Chadron Derby
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“My favorite memories are of having solos in choir and going to All-State Choir two times and mostly spending half of my fourth and fifth period with men’s choir.”

Katelyn Dickens

Bikila Dida
·Iowa Western Community College
“My advice is to aim high and keep your head up.” 

Max Edwards

Ariana Ellis

Jacob Ellis
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
“One piece of advice that I would give the underclassmen is to turn in your homework on time and don’t mess around in school.”

Norman Englert
·South Dakota State University, Brookings

Payten Ennor

Andrew Erdmann

Annie Farmer
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“My advice to underclassmen is to challenge yourself, but don’t take anything too seriously.”

Thad Femrite

Tegenework Feye
·University of Sioux Falls

Hayden Fiala
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“Get involved.”

Tommy Fischer

Kaitlyn Fischer

Justice Fisher
·St Catherine University, Minnesota
“My favorite memories of WHS are of the teachers and all of their encouragement and support throughout the years. To be successful at WHS, it is important to get involved and put yourself out there—no matter what sport or club, there is a place for everyone to feel welcomed.”

Chase Flickema
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“My favorite memories of WHS would be of all the fun dress up days. My advice is to get involved and have fun in school.”

Jaren Fountain
·Doane University, Nebraska
“One of my favorite memories is of winning state football not once, but twice. Keep up on homework and go to class.”

Allison Fox
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“My band family is my favorite thing about WHS. Don’t be afraid to try new things.”

Jhoseline Fuentes Rosales
“My favorite memory is of going to the games and meeting new people.”

Keonni Funches

Sunita Gajmer
·University of Sioux Falls
“One of my favorite memories of WHS is of homecoming.”

Taylor Gallo

Darara Gamachu

Josue Garcia

Peyton Garrow
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“Going to sport activities and cheering in the student section are my favorite memories. Do your work and find something you enjoy doing.”

Joshua Garry
·Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell
“Winning back-to-back state championships in football is my favorite memory. Get involved in everything and anything you can. It will make your four years in high school zoom by.”

McKenzie Gaspar
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“Be yourself and don’t try to hang out with people just because you think they’re cool.”

Nyakueth Gatnoor

Komboor Gatnoor
·Arizona Western

Naomie Gbaryee

Alexander Geer

Sweet Gerbreizibher

Joseph Gerry
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
·S.D. Army National Guard
“My favorite memories are of the WHS Army JROTC and the dances at WHS. Be all you can be.”

Bryce Getting
·U.S. Marine Corps
“My favorite memories of WHS are of Mr. (Brad) Kennet’s third period marketing class.”

Harmala Gezachew

Josselyn Gil

Devin Gilbertson

Surafel Girmay

Birea Giro

Nathnael Gizaw

Isaac Goeman

Shayna Goens
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“Get your work in on time.”

Feven Goitom
·Regis University, Colorado
“My favorite memories include being part of the girls basketball championship and cheering on the WHS football team. Try your best in your classes and get involved.”

Lacy Gottsch

Kennedy Gramkow

Lauren Green
·Northwestern College, Iowa
“One of my favorite memories would have to be going to all the sporting events with my friends. My advice for underclassmen is to always get your homework done and in on time.”

Nicholas Gregg
·Midland University, Nebraska
“My favorite memory is of the boys state tennis tournament this year.”

Christian Gruhlke

Whitney Grush-Wolf

Ethan Guenther 
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“My favorite memories are of spending time with my friends at school and enjoying my time with the teachers.”

Bhakti Guragai
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
“Think positive, be positive, make positive decisions and give your 100 percent at class.”

Kamala Gurung

Monita Gurung

Anija Gurung
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
“My favorite memory of WHS is that I’ve had a special time in my life. I met many teachers that helped me to become a better person and teach me what I need for the future.”

Sonam Gurung

Samuel Haddican

Jason Haeffner
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“I have made an enormous number of memories at WHS, so picking favorites is no easy task. However, some of my favorites are football games, Beach Bash and having the whole senior class as friends. I would tell underclassmen to get involved, make friends and don’t take high school for granted.”

Selena Hall

Jesse Halvorsen

Jasmine Hannigan

Braxten Hansen

Brendan Hansen
·Dakota State University, Madison
“Playing in the marching band and drumline is a favorite memory. Also, participating in computer program design competitions. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and try something new.”

Kendra Hargan
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls

Hailey Hartman

Elliot Hartwig

Zakaria Hassan

Kylee Haub
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“My favorite memory at WHS would be of going to the dome. . .twice. To be successful at WHS, I would recommend getting involved in as much as possible—whether it be sports or clubs.”

Ethan Hays
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“Going to state football and basketball games with my friends is something I won’t forget. My advice is to focus on school first, fun later.”

Matthew Hedeen
·North Dakota State University
“Going to all the sporting events to watch my friends and playing baseball for WHS was a favorite memory. Get your homework done on time and challenge yourself by taking AP classes.”

Jackson Heiberger

Carson Herbert
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“My favorite memories of high school are of going on student council trips and also cheering on the Warriors at various sporting events. Work hard, get involved and have fun. Make the most of every moment.”

William Herrera Estrada

Zachary Heupel
·University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
“My favorite memory of WHS is of playing on the tennis team with all of my friends. My advice to the underclassmen is to be involved at WHS as much as they can.”

Emma Hockenberry
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“My favorite memories at WHS would be of meeting new friends and showing off my school pride at sporting events. I would say be yourself first and to not try to be someone different.”

Cody Holder
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
“I loved the open discussions in seventh period government with Mr. (Jim) Trett. Pick a plan and stick with it. Find what you want out of life and don’t let anything get in your way.”

Shaye Horacek

Samantha Huber
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“Never give up on what you are doing and never underestimate what you are capable of doing.”

Chelsie Huff
·Black Hills Beauty College, Rapid City
“Do not procrastinate—always do your work and turn it in on time. Study when you aren’t sure about the material.”

Sean Hurley

Iesha Hussein

Sergey Ignato

Oromiyaa Iticha
·St. Paul Community College, Minnesota
“My advice to underclassmen is to never give up on what you do and finish your homework on time.”

Michael Jacobs
“My favorite memory is of when I helped with the pizza feed during homecoming.”

Skyler Jacobs

Cheyenne Jedlicka

Brooklynn Jensen
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
“My favorite memory of WHS is of being in marching band all four years.”

Corey Jensen
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls

Emily Jensen
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
“Always remember to do your homework, and make your dreams come true. Don’t leave your homework to do at the last minute.”

Kaleb Johnson

Natalie Johnson
·Minnesota State University, Mankato
“My favorite memories of WHS are of watching Mr. (Marc) Murren sing, and when I got a hair band stuck on the second floor ceiling in front of the Green Club glass case.”

Zakiyah Johnson

Jack Johnston
·U.S. Marine Corps
“I will always remember socializing with my friends.”

Christopher Jones

Kadesia Jones
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“My advice is to take it day-by-day, and if you take classes you like, it will be much easier.”

Lindsey Jones
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls 
“I will remember hanging out with friends and all the sporting events.”

Nancy Juma

Briana Junso
·University of Sioux Falls
“Do your homework and get it done on time.”

Sheridan Kampmann

Matthew Karschnik

Kelsi Kearney
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“My favorite memories at WHS are of going to all the football, basketball and soccer games and track meets.”

Simon Keller

Christian Kellogg
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“I love baseball season, getting to enjoy the spring weather and playing school spring ball. I also love meeting new people you don’t know and learning new things to help prepare me for college and life after college.”

Dillon Kelly

Tsakani Khambule
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
“Concentrate on school work and submit all your assignments in time.”

Chandra Khanal

Isabel Kinzer
·Northern State University, Aberdeen
“It’s OK to not have your whole life figured out by the time you’re 18. You have time, just make sure to use your time wisely.”

Carter Klatt
·Morningside College, Iowa
“My favorite memory is of getting the opportunity for my first time to wear a Warrior jersey and come running into a packed gym in front of all of our fans!”

Dean Klutman

Nicholas Koch

Ryan Koch

Kritika Koirala

Brynne Krause-Gee

Zechava Kreiselman
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“Everyone’s interests and opinions are different, so do what makes you happy. Just be yourself!”

Jacob Kringen
·Minnesota State University, Mankato
“I will remember going to the dome back-to-back for state football.”

Hailey Kristjanson

Goy Kuach

Austin Kubik
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“Keep your phone off and in your locker.”

Kacey Kubik

Amira Kur

Jayden Kusiek Wolf

Nyounkpao Kyne

Mark Ladu
“I will remember joining and participating on the varsity football team.”

Kiley LaMere
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“Focus on what is important to you and don’t set your mind on things that will wash away within 48 hours.”

Deion Larsen
“Mr. (Marc) Murren singing for homecoming is my favorite memory.”

Lily Larsen
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“Don’t get behind on homework and work hard. But also have as much fun as you can, because high school flies by.”

Maxwell Larsen
·Loyola University, Illinois 
“C’s get degrees, but you probably should strive for something above the average.”

Brianna Larson
·University of Sioux Falls
“I loved dressing up every day for homecoming and Beach Bash weeks.”

Jakob Larson
·Gustavus Adolphus College, Minnesota
“I will remember all the memories I’ve made playing in the band.”

Nicholas Larson

Samantha Larson
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“My favorite memories are of going to the football games with friends and cheering on the Warriors.”

Ryan Le
·University of Nebraska, Lincoln
“Get involved—especially in DECA. You won’t regret it, and it’ll look good when you’re trying to get into the college of your dreams your senior year.”

Kyle LeBon

Tristan LeClaire

Kianna Lee

Zachary Lee

Erika Lehan
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“My favorite memories of WHS would be of road tripping to Rapid City for state basketball my freshman and senior year.”

Andrew Levisay
·Dakota State University, Madison
“Find time to do homework. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you try to pretend that school isn’t important.”

Leo Lewis

Sabrina Lickiss
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“I will always remember completing my two years as a drum major for the Warrior Marching Band. The last competition when I cut the band off, the ring of the music before the crowd started clapping, that moment of silence was the most amazing thing ever.”

Vanessa Lingle
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“My advice to underclassmen is to always turn your work in on time. Experience your four years of high school by going to football games, dressing-up for homecoming week and enjoying senior prom when the time rolls around!”

Abbygail Lint
·Briar Cliff University, Iowa
“Don’t procrastinate—do your homework. Make friends and participate in school activities.”

Amasi Logo

Clayton Lohr

Jordan Long

Johnathon Loofe
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion 

Carmen Lopez
·Lake Area Technical Institute, Watertown
“Go to class and do your work.”

Lynda LopezAlvarez
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“My favorite memories at WHS are of the football games. There’s no doubt that we have the best student section in the state.”

Alexander Lorenzini
·Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell
“I will always remember winning the state championship.”

Lyric Lott
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“My favorite memory at WHS is of winning the state championship my junior year, along with the other Highsteppers, by 80 points.”

Prabin Luitel

Trevor Lund
-Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
“My favorite memory from high school is of spending time with my friends at games.”

Kassandra Lynn

Francisco Magana

Sarmila Magar

Madison Mahlmeister

Daniel Mann
·South Dakota State University, Brookings

Ryan Mannes
·Arizona State University 
“My favorite memory at WHS is of winging two state football championships.”

Montez Manning

Mariah Martinez

Ryan Martinez

Ethan Masching
·Dakota State University, Madison 
“My favorite memory at WHS is of being in show choir and making a lot of friends and a second family through hours of work.”

Jeffrey McKee
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“My favorite memory of WHS is getting that clutch win against O’Gorman for the football state title!”

Ethan McKinney
·University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
“My favorite memory at WHS is of cheering at the state championship football game with all of my friends.” 

Sarah McMurphy
·University of Sioux Falls
“My advice would be to always do your homework and not let seniorities get to you—do your best until the very end.”

Lee Meh
·Stewart School, Sioux Falls
“My favorite memory at WHS is of going to prom.”

Jaylyn Melgar
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“My advice would be to attend school every day and get your homework done to be successful and get good grades.”

Paige Merry
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“My advice to underclassmen is to not rush the school years. They will be over before you know it.”

Austin Miller

Conner Miller
·Dakota State University, Madison 

Matrika Mishra

Diamyn Mitchell

Shagitu Mitiku

Skylar Moen
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“My favorite memories include going to the dome my senior year, tailgating at 5 a.m., and all the times with the soccer team.”

Asmo Mohamed

Trevor Moller

Hannah Molu

Genissa Mondesir
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“I would advise underclassmen to continually work hard and to go after what they want. Never give up on yourself, even though it may seem hard, because it is all worth it in the end.”

Leela Mongar
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion 
“My favorite memories include spending time with my friends and homecoming day.”

Michael Moore
·Dakota State University, Madison 
“My favorite memories include sitting in the commons and talking with friends and going to competitions with ClaCo.”

Ryan Morgans
·Winona State University, Minnesota
“My favorite memories come from trips like the ski club trip as well as road trips for sports such as tennis and soccer.”

Devin Mueller

Brenna Mullen
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion 

Madison Murphy

Brayden Nath
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“My advice is to do the work. It isn’t worth getting behind and spending your day playing catch-up rather than being ahead of the game.”

David Navarrete

Jonah Nelson
·United States Military Academy at West Point, New York 
“The best advice I can give is to be involved! It sounds cheesy, but it actually helps out a lot. You get to know so many people and build so many relationships by becoming involved.”

Cody Nesheim

Ryan Neuman

Scott Nguyen
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“My favorite memories include doing cartwheels.”

Raeann Nichols
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
“My favorite memories include dressing up during homecoming and beach bash weeks every year.”

Hailey Nold
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“My advice is to always use a planner to organize your events and homework.”

Aaron Oakland
·Dakota State University, Madison
“Getting to go on different school trips with good friends that I have made over the years is something I won’t forget.”

Amber Obenauer
·Morningside College, Iowa
“I would tell underclassmen that in order to be successful they should find something they love and stick to it.”

Braeden O’Brien
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“Some of my favorite memories are the days in AP study hall, bowling matches and tournaments, spending time with friends, open lunch and leaving for the day.”

Krista Olson
·Augustana College, Sioux Falls
“Dressing up for homecoming week is my favorite memory of high school.”

Kourtnee Olstad

Sean Oromo
·Arizona State University
“Manifest your own destiny!”

Elizabeth Ortega
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“Get involved, come to school, don’t give up, and enjoy your time in high school.”

Noah Otten

Cesar Palacios
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“Take as many AP classes as you can—it’s worth it.”

Taylor Palmer
·Stewart School, Sioux Falls
“My favorite memories at WHS are of Orange Letter Days and HonorFest. My advice is to make sure to always be at school and get your work done.”

Khina Parsai

David Perreault

Ethan Person

Steven Peshlakai

Jacob Peterson
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“Don’t loiter in the Orange Zone. Don’t procrastinate and don’t fail.”

Duy Pham

Kyana Phommajack
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
“Get involved and have fun!”

Keanu Phumipraphat
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“Study hard and finish strong.”

Deann Pillatzki
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls

Soffiya Poberezhnik

Philip Poberezhnik

Calvin Poderzay
·Georgia Tech
“Try a variety of activities.”

Sophie Pokorney

Aleksandar Popovich

Pratima Poudyal

Prativa Poudyal

Margaret Quiah

Sydney Raabe
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“My favorite memory of WHS is of cheering on the Warriors in state championships.”

Sancha Rai

Akash Rai

Dhiraj Rai

Mongel Rai

Collin Rasmussen

Klaw Reh

Daisey Reichert
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
“I would tell the underclassmen to make these four years worth it by making lots of memories and lots of friends.”

Thuro Reisdorfer

RemiMae Rice
“I would advise underclassmen to get involved in activities, even if they don’t seem up your alley.”

Breazia Richardson

Daw Rin

Brian Rivera

Raquel Rivera
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“When you find no words to say and can’t express yourself in any way, bring your hands to your musical instrument and it’ll talk for you as you play.”

Quintin Robertson

Sydney Rodman
·Northwestern College, Iowa

Cindy Rodriguez

Anna Roetman
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“My favorite memory of WHS is of being active in the band program. The band program includes the marching band, pep band, jazz band and concert band. I was in band activities all four years of my high school career.”

Kadie Roozenboom
·College of Saint Mary, Nebraska
“My favorite memory is of any of our marching band competitions and my annual birthday parties.”

Wendy RosalesCorado
·Gustavus Adolphus College, Minnesota
“Do your homework, talk to everybody, and just try.”

Alexandra Rote
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“My favorite memory is of representing WHS in many different first place wins in bowling.”

Derrick Rowenhorst
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
“My advice is to pay attention and make sure that you turn your homework in on time.”

Nikila Royce

Mel Ruano

Esa Sadi

Noah Salter
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“Being involved in theater is my favorite memory because it introduces you to new friends and prepares you for future stage experience.”

Jalen Sandness

Carey Schave

Allison Schenkel
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“My advice would be to get out of your comfort zone and join clubs you maybe don’t think you would like. I have joined random clubs over the years, and found interests I never thought I would have.”

Austin Schmidt
·Lake Area Technical Institute, Watertown
“My advice is that GPA is temporary, but memories last forever.”

Noah Schmidt

Liam Schneider
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion

Hailie Schock
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“Try your best, even when you feel lazy.”

Austin Schoenbeck
·University of Sioux Falls
“My favorite memory at WHS is when we won grand champion in show choir.”

Morgan Scholten
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“My favorite memories would have to be of the football games and jumping on bouncy houses and hanging with my friends during homecoming.”

Trevor Schultz
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“My advice is to get involved.”

Jack Schumacher
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls

Juan Sebastian

Eric Sebesta

Ashton Semmler
·South Dakota State University, Brookings

Phovthasone Sengchanh

Lincoln Shafer
·University of Nebraska-Lincoln
“One of my favorite memories while at WHS is of winning the state golf tournament this last fall in Aberdeen with my teammates.”

Maham Shah
·Baylor University, Texas
“My favorite memory of WHS is of winning state basketball sophomore year and having everyone rush onto the court.”

Nasra Sharif

Lashe Shega

Taylor Shimitz
·South Dakota State University, Brookings

Jenna Siganos
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“My advice is to think positive!”

Emmett Simmons
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“My advice is to join debate and learn not to be satisfied with the status quo!”

Daithen Simonsen

Nathan Simphaly

Krishika Siwakoti
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“My advice is to stay focused, think of what your goal is in the future and work hard to reach that goal.”

Surekchha Siwakoti

Morgan Small
·University of Sioux Falls
“My favorite memories of WHS are of during the competitive cheer season. It was at the state competition and we had just performed our best performance all season. Everyone was cheering for us, and it was one of my happiest moments of this year!”

Dalton Sobotka

Emelia Sorum

Ty Souvannarath

Sydney Stallinga
·Winona State University, Minnesota
“My advice to the underclassmen would be to spend as much time with your friends as possible and always stay involved with school activities.”

Adam Stammer

Jillian Stamp
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“I would recommend that you challenge yourself and take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. Looking back, you won’t regret being involved or taking AP classes, and you’ll have tons of friends, memories and credits to take with you!”

Mitchel Steinke

Brooklyn Stekl
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“My best advice to underclassmen would be to do your best and try to challenge yourself with AP classes because it was worth it in the end.” 

Deitrich Stellingwerf

Tyler Stephens

Angel Stinger
·Stewart School, Sioux Falls
“My favorite memory is of being involved in gymnastics my freshman year.”

Joshua Stirler
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
“My favorite memories of WHS would definitely be of the marching band family. We are always there for each other, and will always have a good time in whatever we do.”

Matthew Stoel
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“My favorite memory from WHS is of playing with the drumline in the variety shows.”

Virsaviya Strizheus

Bradley Struck
·South Dakota State University, Brookings

Sara Stuckenbroker
·Lake Area Technical Institute, Watertown
“My advice would be to not be afraid to get involved!”

Surja Subba

Vladislav Sushchik
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“It was nothing like ‘High School Musical’ at all.”

Brandon Swatek

Joel Swenson

Wasim Tadese

Jacob Talley
·University of Jamestown, North Dakota
“Show up, all the time.”

Subash Tamang

Hawa Tarpeh

Ahmed Tashahel

Jessica Taylor

Aaron Taylor

Lance Taylor
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls

Lovetee Teah

Mariah Thompson
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“Get involved in something!”

Mason Thompson

Christine Thuo

Saw Timothy

Gopal Tiwari

Nabin Tiwari

Maxion Toenah
·Dakota State University, Madison
“Keep track of your grades, and don’t procrastinate on your homework.”

Tyler Townsend

Daria Turgeon
·North Dakota State University
“My advice for underclassmen would be to get involved at WHS and try new things.”

Asanti Tussa

Kimpong Ueng

Amie Uithoven
·Northwestern College, Iowa
“My favorite memories of WHS are of the homecoming games and being able to dress up with my friends and cheer on the Warriors.”

Rebecca Urey
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“Always be on time and do your work.”

Emily VanBockern
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“I would encourage the underclassmen to be involved in the clubs and activities that are centered around their interests.”

Seth VandeBraak
·University of Virginia
“Try hard in all of the AP classes.”

Madeline VanderFeen
·Drake University, Iowa
“My favorite memory is of celebrating wins after football games and cheering in the basketball student section.”

Alli VanGinkel

Michael VanSchaick
·Indiana Wesleyan University
·South Dakota National Guard
“Don’t let your dreams just be dreams. Just do it!”

Isaiah Vinson

Thomas Vissers
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“Study and do your homework.”

Katherine Vroman
·University of Kansas
“I would tell underclassmen to get involved as fast as they possibly can and to enjoy these years—they go by so fast!”

Mitchell Waddell
·University of South Dakota, Vermillion
“Branch out, join activities, and don’t be shy.” 

Jacob Wagner

Amy Walker
·University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
“Go to as many school events as possible, and get involved. High school will go by faster than you think and you don’t want to regret not going to all the events with your classmates.”

Cordell Walker

Dominick Warmbein

Jordan Warmbein

Madison Warner 
·University of Nebraska, Omaha
“Enjoy every moment of high school. It may not seem like it, but the four years go by so fast.”

Leah Warriner

Dylan Warwick

Furaha Wasesa

Johnathan Weberg

Brooke Wegener

Jordan Weidner
·South Dakota State University, Broookings
“Get involved.”

Amanda Wheeler
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls
“My advice would be to do your homework and study, but don’t let yourself get too stressed, because you might miss out on enjoying the events that WHS provides.”

Adam Wiegert

Levi Wienk

Lucas Wienk
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“I would give the underclassmen advice to not slack off and to make sure to get all of their work handed in on time. You should also get involved in as many clubs, organizations or sports as you can, because it will make your years at WHS a lot more enjoyable.”

Kaleb Wika
·Iowa State University
“My advice to underclassmen would be to surround yourself with positive successful people, because if you hang out with negative attitude people, you can’t expect to live a positive life.”

Mitchell Wilber

Emily Wilcox

Dain Willard

James Williams

Mariah Williams

Brandon Wilson

Paige Wilson
·Stewart School, Sioux Falls
“Don’t pile on so much work and stress on yourself. Challenge yourself, but don’t stress yourself out.”

Makennan Woods
·Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls

Nathaniel Wooledge

Grace Wylie
·Augustana University, Sioux Falls
“Go to class, turn in your homework, and join a club or two to meet friends.”

Aaron Yam
·South Dakota State University, Brookings
“Be outgoing! For example, try something new, join a club and support WHS at games.”

Moussaab Yaqoub-Mohammad

Guled Yusuf

Hamda Yusuf

Lauren Zimbeck
·University of Oklahoma 
“I would advise underclassmen to become involved at least once in high school, whether it be a sport, activity or club.”

Chad Zimmer

Zayda Zuniga

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