Photo  courtesy Brody Etrheim
WARRIOR—Senior Brody Etrheim at basic training at Fort Benning in Georgia this summer.

A real American Warrior in training. . .
Senior uses summer to complete basic training

By Sidney Kennedy, Brock Wulf  and Madelyn Moravec

While most Warriors were working part-time jobs and spending time with friends this past summer, one senior used his time off from school to complete basic military training.

Senior Brody Etrheim decided to spend his summer preparing to enter the U.S. Army Reserves and prepare for officer training. 

For about 11 weeks this summer, Etrheim traveled to Fort Benning, Ga., to prepare for military service through basic training.
Etrheim is preparing to become an ammunition specialist. 

Etrheim said he wanted to do this to get a head start on his future after high school. He had many long days—every day he  woke up at 4 a.m. and prepared all of the gear for the training exercise that would follow that day. Around 5 a.m. he started physical training which would consist of anything from running in formation for four miles to crawling in sand pits. 
“The first three weeks were the roughest and many people considered quitting,” Etrheim said. “We were all forced to come together and work through our collective suffering.” 

He was given the opportunity to learn how to shoot rifles, machine guns and throw grenades. They also taught him how to perform battle drills and handle himself in combat situations. 

During this time Etrheim did not have access to his phone and had limited communication with family. 

Even though he is done with basic training, Etrheim still has more responsibilities to come. He now is required to attend army reserve training once a month. He also has to report to his commanding officer in Nebraska. 

He has plans to attend ROTC officer training at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to further his military career. 

Overall, Etrheim said basic training was a great experience.


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