Photo by Seth Benson
TOUR—Seniors (L-R) Brock Wulf, Brock Walker, Kaylee Hanson, Sidney Kennedy, Megan Nolan, Shiloh Flanagan, Jada Cunningham, Grace Kolb, Molly Cozad, Chloe Legel and (kneeling) Carlie Kray pose on their tour of USD Feb. 6.

WHS science students visit USD anatomy lab
Over 120 have learning experience, tour campus 

By Mallory Junso and Madelyn Moravec 

Over 120 students in anatomy and physiology and AP Psychology had the opportunity to visit the USD Sanford School of Medicine Gross Anatomy Lab Feb. 6 in Vermillion. 

There, the students were able to see examples of human anatomy and were told the bodies should be referred to as “donors” to honor their choice of donating their bodies to science. Students were able to examine the lungs, intestines, and other organs up close. They even got to point out different organs and search for them on their own, with guidance. 
They examined what a healthy version of an organ looked like, then compared it to a diseased organ. 

Senior Cassidy Waggoner said it was fascinating. 

“I thought it was really cool to see something we all have and have the experience to see what we have been learning about and see it in real life,”  Waggoner said. “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.” 

Anatomy and physiology teacher Tim Gjoraas agreed it was a great opportunity. 

“In the lab they get to experience the subject first-hand and get to see and touch anatomy on a real human cadaver,” Gjoraas said.“It’s always fun to see the kids’ reactions in the lab.”

The students also got to tour the USD campus, find out about several health-related programs and eat lunch on the trip.


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