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SIGN IT—Author S.A. Bodeen signs a book for freshman Maizie Dickson following the presentation Wednesday.

Popular author talks to freshmen, others at WHS
S.A. Bodeen makes appearance in auditorium

By Mallory Junso

S.A. Bodeen, popular author of books for young readers including “The Raft” and “The Detour,” visited WHS on Wednesday, speaking to freshmen and other avid readers during first period in the auditorium. 

Her first picture book, “Elizabeti’s Doll” was published in 1998, followed by six other picture books. Her first young adult novel, written as S.A. Bodeen, was the award-winning “The Compound,” in 2008. 

Bodeen said she always wanted to be a writer since a young age. She entered her first writing competition in third grade. Her book consisted of aliens destroying everyone, while others were about romance. From then on, she realized writing books was her passion. 

Bodeen said she has always wanted to write. 

“Don’t give up if you want something badly enough,” she said. 

Before she got her first book published, she was rejected many times. She nearly decided to give up because she thought she would not be able to make it. Her last try was entering a competition. The competition consisted of writing a 50,000 word novel in one month. She thought it was her best work yet, and decided to send it to her children’s book agent. 

Although it was also rejected at first, she knew it would end up being published. That novel was “The Compound.” 
Her upcoming novel, “The Tomb” is science fiction and is due out this spring. The main characters are a boy and a girl. 
“This book has some love in it,” Bodeen said, “but is not a romance by any means.” 

Librarian Kerri Smith said she was pleased to welcome a well-known author to WHS.

“I hope having authors here inspires people, because anyone has a chance of becoming a famous author, so follow your dreams,” Smith said. “My hope is that a Washington student will become a well known author and come back to talk to the school!” 


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