Photo by Laura Goodhope
CUDDLE—Senior Sadie Good-hope hugs a koala during a trip to a sanctuary near Cairns, Australia.

Senior has opportunity to travel to other side of globe to summer
Senior Sadie Goodhope takes winter trip to warm Australia

By Mallory Junso

It may have been freezing cold in South Dakota as the semester began, but senior Sadie Goodhope escaped the cold South Dakota winter to take the trip-of-a-lifetime to summer in the Southern Hemisphere as she visited Australia on a senior trip.

Goodhope’s first destination was Melbourne where she attended the Australian Open Tennis Tournament. She also visited the Twelve Apostles, a limestone formation off the Great Ocean Road. 

Her next flight took her to Cairns, where she stayed at a resort, visited sanctuaries for kangaroos, koalas and other animals and visited the Great Barrier Reef, wearing a wetsuit and walking right into the water on the reef. 

“There were sharks and turtles and a lot of colorful fish,” Goodhope said. “We had to wear wetsuits because the water was infested with little jellyfish.” 

Although it was one of her favorite parts of the trip, she said it was also sad because there were parts where the reef would be colorful and others were grey and dead from pollution.

Her last destination was to Sydney where she saw the famous Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. 

Goodhope said she was surprised how at home she felt on the other side of the world.

“The culture in Australia isn’t that diverse from our culture,” she said. “The seafood is nicer and fresher, but overall the food is not much different than ours.”

Goodhope said she was happy to be able to communicate.

 “One thing that was helpful was there were no language barriers,” she said. 

Goodhope took a total of eight flights from Sioux Falls to Australia and all the way back home. Her longest flight was 16 hours from Los Angeles to Melbourne. She even did a little time traveling on the trip. 

“When I left Australia Wednesday night, I arrived back in America Wednesday morning because of the time difference,”  Goodhope said.


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