Photo by Laramie Dickson for the Warrior Yearbook 
IN THE DARK­—Senior Jacey Kulm as Carol and senior Joe Simko as Brindsley try to find their way in a recent dress rehearsal of “Black Comedy.”

Farce ‘Black Comedy’ opens in WHS Little Theatre
Shows continue Nov. 2, 3, 5, 6

By Gabriela Esquivel

The hilarious farce “Black Comedy” by Peter Shaffer opens Nov. 6 at 7 p.m. in the WHS Little Theatre. 

The title is a pun—the play is staged under a reserved lighting scheme. Opening on a darkened stage, a few moments into the show there is a short circuit, and the stage is illuminated to reveal the characters in a “blackout.” On the few occasions when matches, lighters, or torches are lit, the lights grow dimmer. 

In the show, young sculptor Brindsley Miller, played by senior Joe Simko, and his debutante fiancée Carol Melkett, played by senior Jacey Kulm, have borrowed some expensive antique furniture from his neighbor Harold’s apartment without his permission in order to impress an elderly millionaire art collector coming to view Brindsley’s work. When the power fails, Harold returns early, and Brindsley’s ex-mistress Clea, played by senior Jane Walsh, shows up unexpectedly and things slide into disaster.

Director Fred Reiner said mature audiences are going to love this play for two reasons.

“There’s an amazingly fun cast that brings life to the farcical elements of the play, which is also the second reason, as the play is so wonderfully written,” Reiner said.

Performances will continue on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday at 7 p.m., as well. Tickets are $5 each and may be purchased in advance from Reiner in A-136 before or after school or at the door, as available, for each performance.


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